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● Defining inclusive innovation and competitiveness;
● Measuring progress: what are the key economic indicators for inclusive competitiveness and what could a national benchmarking index include?;
● Showcasing promising practices across the national network;
● Introducing capacity building support and potential funding streams to advance this work in your city;
● Sharing practical tools, case studies, and stories;
● Ample networking opportunities; and
● Exploring Durham’s emerging inclusive innovation ecosystem and learning about the ongoing triumphs and tribulations (as well as experiencing Bull City’s downtown renaissance!)

Just for Member Cities

The workshop, offered exclusively to Forward Cities’ existing and emerging Member Cities, will explore how cities and regions seize unique opportunities and connect and collaborate across sectors, disciplines, generations, and borders to make bold investments in their future. To register for the workshop, click here.O

 Marriott (50 room block @ $179)
(201 Foster St)

●   Book Online: Click Here

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