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● Defining inclusive innovation and competitiveness;
● Measuring progress: what are the key economic indicators for inclusive competitiveness and what could a national benchmarking index include?;
● Showcasing promising practices across the national network;
● Introducing capacity building support and potential funding streams to advance this work in your city;
● Sharing practical tools, case studies, and stories;
● Ample networking opportunities; and
● Exploring Durham’s emerging inclusive innovation ecosystem and learning about the ongoing triumphs and tribulations (as well as experiencing Bull City’s downtown renaissance!)

Just for Clusters

The workshop, offered exclusively to Forward Cities’ (formally known as CEOs for Cities) existing and emerging City Clusters, will explore how cities and regions seize unique opportunities and connect and collaborate across sectors, disciplines, generations, and borders to make bold investments in their future.


(Durham, NC)



(Durham, NC)

●    To Book Online: TBA

(Durham, NC)

●   To Book Online: TBA


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What is a City Cluster?
A City Cluster is a local/regional group of cross-sector leaders who join the CEOs for Cities network together as a team. CEOs for Cities provides the national platform for City Clusters to connect with each other to share successes, challenges, and lessons learned and the latest cutting-edge ideas and practices for city success. Want to form one in your city? Contact Brittany Scheckelhoff at

What is an “emerging” City Cluster?
Emerging City Clusters are groups that are seriously considering joining the CEOs for Cities Cluster network in 2015. Emerging Clusters can register participants for the workshop for $250/person. The workshop registration fees will be applied to your 2015 City Cluster dues when you join!

I can’t attend the entire City Cluster workshop. May I purchase a one-day ticket?
While you’ll get the greatest value from this workshop by attending sessions, side-by-side with your own City Cluster and members from other cities, we understand conflicts arise. You can elect not to attend sessions of the workshop. CEOs for Cities, however, does not offer discounted or single-day tickets.

How should our City Cluster prepare for the workshop?
We recommend holding a (real or virtual) meeting with your City Cluster members 1-2 weeks before the workshop, reviewing the agenda, outlining what you’d like to get out of the sessions, and writing down goals and objectives for Cluster break-out sessions. Identify what your cluster needs (i.e., contacts, a plan, motivation, deadlines, education) to take the next step toward its top priorities and initiatives.

See the City Cluster Toolkit. All registered participants will receive reading materials via email ahead of the workshop too.

Who can assist me during the event?
Lee Fisher, the CEOs for Cities staff and a host of volunteers will be on-site throughout the event to assist participants and answer questions. You will also receive a list of emergency phone numbers at registration. If you need to request special accommodations during the event, please contact CEOs for Cities’ Brittany Scheckelhoff at

I’d like to be a speaker. How can I be considered?
Whether you’re a CEOs for Cities Cluster member, fan or friend, we welcome all recommendations for speakers and topics at our events — including City Cluster Workshops, webinars and National Meetings.

Speaker slots for the 2015 CEOs for Cities Cluster Workshop have been filled at this time. To share speakers or topics for future events, submit your suggestions here.