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A City Cluster is a local/regional group of cross-sector leaders who join the CEOs for Cities network together and work as a team to address the issues critical to their city. The City Cluster workshop provides the occasion and platform for clusters to meet, focus and organize their talents around next steps.

Here are some resources for helping your City Cluster make the most of our next workshop:

1. The City Cluster Toolkit (PDF)
Learn the basics of forming a City Cluster, activating your group, tracking progress and making change happen in your city or region.

2. From Metal to Minds: Economic Restructuring in the Rust Belt (PDF)
Written by Richey Piiparinen, Director, Jim Russell, Research Fellow, & Charlie Post, Project Manager, at the Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

3. Four Lessons Learned: A City Cluster Spotlight (PDF)
CEOs for Cities provides the national platform for City Clusters to connect with one another over successes, challenges, lessons-learned and best practices for city success. Here’s a spotlight on our Indianapolis City Cluster.

4. The Connected City Report (PDF)
Written by Jay Walljasper, The Connected City Report delivered lessons-learned and a look back at the 2014 CEOS for Cities Cluster Workshop, the Connected City, in Cleveland.

5. The City Dividend Prize Challenge
Organize your City Cluster around our next competition. Each team will select an issue of critical importance to its city, set measurable goals and build a scalable, replicable toolkit for hitting its marks. Best solutions win.

Not a cluster city yet? Get started today. Contact Brittany Scheckelhoff at brittany@ceosforcities.org.

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