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1. 9 Reasons to Visit Greenville, SC in 2017
John Malik, Contributor of the Huffington Post, explains the 9 reasons why you should visit Greenville, SC!

2. 11 Reasons To Drop Everything And Visit This One City In South Carolina
There’s a Blue Ridge Mountain town tucked away in South Carolina that’s been gaining more and more attention these days, and it’s no mystery why. With its exploding restaurant scene and gorgeous natural landscape, Greenville has been noted as the “next Charleston.” In fact, it’s even been designated by the New York Times as among the best places in the world to visit this year. Here are just a few undeniable reasons to put Greenville on your travel bucket list:

3. ACCOLADES :: One of the fun things about being that Greenville is reading all the nice things people have to say about Greenville. From national publications to network TV shows, Greenville, South Carolina has blushed more than once at the kind words and praises we’ve received. Take a minute and see for yourself what people are saying. Here are a few — go to VisitGreenvilleSC Accolades to find the full listing!