Field Trips

Cluster Workshop participants will have a chance to explore Des Moines during the conference. A set of four concurrent field trips will be offered on the afternoon of Monday, June 27. You’ll choose just one! Here’s where the trips are headed:

  • Art + Culture at the Center of a City: Art has the power to inspire creativity and to leverage broad-based community impact. Featuring leaders and paths that have changed the cultural landscape to shape Des Moines’ business, economic and social future. (Walking)
  • Architecture and Development:  Midwest cities will never have mountains or ocean-front property.  But today’s placemaking is more about multi-dimensional experiences, rather than simple vistas.  Explore Des Moines’ Western Gateway, an area cemented by a donation of more than $40 million in sculpture and the redevelopment that surrounds this prime location. (Walking)
  • Talent/Workforce: Per capita, Central Iowa is the fastest-growing metro in the Midwest in terms of population, job and GDP growth. Like all metros, however, we have current and future talent pools that are un- or underemployed because they are not adequately prepared for today’s jobs and those of  the future. During this tour you will experience several metro area initiatives that are focused on improving our existing talent pipeline by aligning education and workforce preparation to workforce needs that support our regional cradle thru career campaign – EDGE 75×25 (Education Drivers our Greater Economy). The tour includes stops at innovative learning centers covering K-12 education through adult learning. (Bus Transportation)
  • Innovation/Disruption: Each city has their own take on supporting the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Visit locations in Des Moines’ East Village where startups of all sizes are taking off, and hear about their journeys. (Walking)

If you haven’t please sign up now to make sure you’re taking the trip you’d like.