Cross-Sector Challenges, Opportunities, Successes Part 2

City Clusters present on cross-sector collaboration successes in their cities

Greensboro/ High Point Cluster– Say Yes Partnership.
Greensboro  and High Point have partnered with Say Yes to Education to form a national model on how to leverage private dollars with public funds to make a college scholarship available to every student, and to bulldoze the predictable barriers that prevent students and their families from seizing that opportunity.The partnership, which includes the school district, business leaders, government officials and local foundations, has raised more than $30 million in private donations on behalf of the Say Yes initiative. That money will seed a fund providing “last dollar” tuition scholarships to students from the community attending in-state public institutions.

Indianapolis Cluster -Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW)
A collective impact initiative bringing together cross-sector partners in Indy. The panel will bring diverse viewpoints to the audience by sharing first hand experiences of bringing not-for-profits, fortune 500 companies, city agencies, and volunteers together to make Indy Waterway neighborhoods equitable in quality of life. The collective impact aspect of ROW birthed out of the 2012 CEO for Cities Cincinnati conference.

Waco Cluster– Collective Impact to Promote Education, Health, and Financial Security.
Prosper Waco is a collective impact initiative focused on measurably improving the health, education, and financial security of the Greater Waco area.  Some of the cross-sector efforts with city and county government, hospitals, school districts, higher education, direct service organizations, foundations, and the business community include work around kindergarten readiness, post-secondary success, access to healthcare, women’s health, talent retention, and workforce development.